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William Thon

Moonlight on the Forest Floor

Date unknown
Watercolor and gouache on paper
22 x 18 in.

About the Work

Materials Watercolor and gouache on paper
Size 22 x 18 in.
Rarity Unique, one of a kind
Medium Painting
Framing Framed and matted, with glass (see on right)
Proceeds Benefit AMDF
Contributed by Keith & Cordelia Oehmig, Wiscasset Bay Gallery
This work will ship from Northampton, MA after the exhibition closes in New York on April 26, 2024. Pre-arranged pick-up in New York City at the exhibition's close may be an option. Shipping costs and all applicable fees are the responsibility of the buyer.
Rights © Portland Museum of Art, Maine. All Rights Reserved.

When Robert Brown interviewed William Thon in 1992 for the Archives of American Art, Thon described the first scene he ever painted, at the age of nine, of a “moonlight marine.”  He painted it on a piece of canvas he nailed to the bottom of a box.

As he became a mature artist, he continued to paint the moon. So it is perhaps not surprising that, when Brown asked Thon why he relocated to Maine from New York City, where he’d grown up, Thon mentions the lunar light:

“[In New York], you weren’t able to live close to nature like you are here. It was important here from day to day the kind of weather it was outside. Your whole day was predicated on what kind of weather it was and this really is the way life in general seemed to be to me, that the weather was important. You did certain things in certain kinds of weather. Cold weather. Midnight. Moonlight. Dry snow. When you walked along it would speak under the bottom of your heels and there wouldn’t be anything awake. Everything would be sleeping. It was marvelous. Something that you would never be able to do in the city, for example.”

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